Datca, Coarse Hazelnut Butter 300 G.

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Datca, Coarse Hazelnut Butter 300 G.

About Hazelnut Butter
Hazelnut, which is generally grown in the Black Sea Region in Turkey, is a very tasty nut variety. Hazelnut, which is easily consumed by people of all ages, has such a form that it is a food item that is loved and consumed especially at breakfast tables. As you guessed, this food item; nut butter.

What Is Hazelnut Butter, How Is It Made?
You can consume the hazelnuts by breaking them out of their shells, or you can consume them in the form of hazelnut paste. Hazelnut paste provides great convenience to the consumer in terms of consumption. Hazelnut paste, which is quite nutritious and satisfying, is one of the sweet delicacies that are consumed with pleasure, especially in the winter months. At the same time, hazelnut paste is a food item that raises body temperature thanks to its nutritional value.

Hazelnut paste products are produced by separating the hazelnuts collected in the season, separating them from their shells and roasting them. Afterwards, the roasted hazelnuts are delivered to our tables by pounding them and adding products such as hazelnut oil into a puree.

Homemade flavored hazelnut paste products produced by food brands are put into glass jars of different sizes and offered for sale. There are varieties of hazelnut paste products produced by reliable brands under conditions suitable for traditional production. Hazelnut paste varieties are offered to consumers as hazelnut paste with hazelnut particles and sugar-free hazelnut paste. If you want to store the hazelnut paste product you bought in a healthy way, you can keep it in a closed glass jar in the refrigerator in a healthy way.

What are the Benefits of Hazelnut Butter?
Hazelnut paste varieties produced from hazelnuts, which have numerous benefits for the body, provide many benefits to human health thanks to their rich nutritional content. We have compiled the benefits of hazelnut paste, which is a very nutritious and satisfying food item, for you.

Thanks to hazelnut as a raw material, hazelnut paste products keep blood pressure under control if consumed regularly.
Hazelnut paste products have a sexual power-enhancing effect thanks to the energy they create in the body.
Hazelnut paste products, in addition to helping to relieve joint pain, contribute to the relief of rheumatic pains if consumed regularly.
Hazelnut paste products containing high amounts of fiber are quite nutritious and satisfying.
If consumed regularly, hazelnut paste supports the functioning of the intestines and eliminates problems such as constipation.
Hazelnut paste helps to calm the nerves as it contains high amount of potassium.
Hazelnut paste products, which have a protective feature for skin health, will make the skin look healthier and brighter when consumed regularly.

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Sold in glass jar

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You can store the product at room temperature

Weight : 300 G.

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