Eğriçayır, Organic Pine Honey 450 G.

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Eğriçayır, Organic Pine Honey 450 G.

About Pine Honey
Pine honey is one of the most known and preferred honey types among the secretory honeys.

Pine honey, which we are accustomed to seeing as filtered honey, is widely produced in Muğla and the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. It is obtained from the secretion of an insect called basra living in Muğla red pines, therefore it is classified as glandular honey. Since pine honey is separated from the combs, it is among the first honeys that come to mind when filtered honey is mentioned. In our country, pine honey is produced mostly in Muğla, so it is also known as the local honey of the region. Other known names of pine honey are Muğla honey or Muğla pine honey. Generally, production starts in August, the last month of summer, and continues until the end of April.

Product Type and Box Content
Sold in glass jar


Storage Conditions 
It should be stored at room temperature.

Weight : 850 G.

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Manufacturer Egricayır
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