Lazika, Highland Turkish Black Tea 400 G.

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Lazika, Highland Turkish Black Tea 400 G.

About Turkish Tea

Tea was first carried by Silk Road traders to present-day Turkey during the 5th century, who used it in barter trade for Chinese produce. By the end of 6th century, drinking tea had become popular, and was no longer considered just a medicinal drink.
In the later part of the 19th century, the nearby city of Batum, in what was then known as the Caucasus Viceroyalty (now known as Georgia) was cultivating tea with great success. This commercial growing region in Georgia had been started by the Russians importing tea seedlings from China. With this fruition, the Russians looked towards Turkey to expand the crop.

How to Prepare

  • Take you kettle and put 2 cups of water (400 ml. approx.)
  • Let it boil completely for about 3-5 minutes. Turn the flame off
  • Add the tea leaves. Always add the tea leaves only after you have turned the flame off.
    This will prevent the Black Tea from getting over-brewed and bitter
  • Cover with a lid. The lid will seal the kettle and will not let the aroma of the tea leaves escape.
    Let the black tea leaves steep for abour 2-3 minutes
  • Strain the tea using a tea strainer

You can also use a carafe to make this tea.

  • Put water in the carafe and the boil water in a microwave. Rest of the steps will remain the same 
  • Pour the black tea into your cups
  • You may consume your black tea with a sugar, up to your taste.

Deal after a meal or with Turkish Baklava; It perfectly represents Turkish hospitality.

Product Type and Box Content
Black Tea Leaves from collected from high altitude areas . It is in kraft package

Traditional Turkish black tea leaves

Storage Conditions 
You can store the product at room temperature

Allergen Warnings

Weight : 400 G.

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Manufacturer Lazika
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