Mehmet Yıldırım Purple Baklava (Mormiks Baklava) 1 Kg

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Mehmet Yıldırım, Purple Baklava (Mormiks Baklava) 1 Kg.

Experience the true taste of the Mormiks baklava!
Now, for those who care their shapes will be able to eat baklava with peace of mind.
Mormiks is a substance derived from the extracts of purple fruits and vegetables with a powerful antioxidant property.
When added to the dough during the making of baklava, it transmits its purple color.
It is a product with the potential to be among the healthiest products in the world that balances sugar and gives vigor to the body.
It is prepared by using an average of 40 layers of dough. In its content, green pistachio, known as gray pistachio, grown in Gaziantep region is used.
It is cooked in an oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes. The sugar is boiled around 110 degrees and its sherbet is added. The true taste of Turkish dessert.

Number of Slices
Average 26 - 28 Pieces for 1 Kg

Powdered sugar, drinking water, wheat flour, plain oil, pistachio kernel, wheat starch, egg, table salt, essence obtained from beet sugar

Shelf life
Stored in a cool and dry place - 7 days

Weight: 1 Kg.

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Brands & ManufacturerBaklavacı Mehmet Yıldırım
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